Battlefield Assessment w/ Lt. Col. George Scott

As a retired Army Lt. Colonel, Lutheran Pastor and candidate for Congress and State Senate, George Scott has some...

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Engaging Latino Voters w/ Councilwoman Janet Diaz

Pennsylvania is home to over 1M Latinos. In cities like Lancaster, they make up 40% of the population. Councilwoman...

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Primary Preview w/ David Thornburgh

David Thornburgh provides us a non-partisan lens of what's at stake in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, May 18th. ...

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Pittsburgh Political Primer w/ Julian Routh

The first guest of our series on the Steel City is Julian Routh. He covers local, state and federal...

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Inside Gainey HQ w/ Moses Nelson

We sit down with State Rep. Ed Gainey's campaign manager, Moses Nelson. He shares his journey from New Haven,...

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SPECIAL EDITION: The Beau Biden Foundation

We take a break from Pennsylvania politics for an important and timely discussion with Patty Lewis, Esq. She serves...

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